February 20, 2018

Get Six Pack Abs – 5-Minute Home Abs Workout on YouTube

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XVest Weighted Workout Vest Review

As an unexpected Christmas present from my wife, I got my hands on an XVest, the top-of-the-line weighted workout vest used by the military and professional athletes (yes, I actually said that I would like a weighted workout vest as a Christmas present – someone please help me). The basic idea of using a weighted […]

vibram fivefingers Barefoot Running Shoes Review

After a lot of ridiculing of a couple friends of mine who own a pair, I finally bought the goofy-looking barefoot running shoes, vibram fivefingers. Once I was finally able to get the shoes on, I immediately felt why people love these shoes – they feel awesome! Barefoot running shoes are supposed to mimic the […]

What’s on Matt’s Workout Ipod?

Just in case you were wondering or just want some high-intensity workout music, below is what is currently on my workout ipod (I have two – the other has audiobooks on it and is used for listening to while traveling). Wont’ Back Down – Eminem Not Afraid – Eminem Love-Hate-Sex-Pain – Godsmack The Beautiful People […]

How to Build Lean Muscle Fast

When you work out you break down your muscle fibers and, with proper recovery, your body builds those fibers back stronger than before. How do you make sure your muscle fibers are really being broken down? Intensity. Lifting 5 pounds dumbells 20 times, no matter how small you are, is not working out at the […]

Basic Workout Routine for the Average Person

A good basic workout for the normal person is a full body workout. All the split day isolation workouts a lot of people advocate are really best for people with specific athletic needs or that workout all the time. You will burn the most calories and feel the best with a routine that works you […]

Willpower is Not Enough – Help with Weight Loss Motivation

Willpower is a rapidly depleting resource, not what you need for lasting weight loss results. Studies have shown that the more you use your willpower to sustain an undesirable activity, the more it gets depleted (i.e. willpower is in limited supply). But, if you are trying to lose weight, you need something you can rely […]

Why Personal Trainers Are Making You FAT

Be careful: Personal trainers will make you fat. Ever see a personal trainer making a client do “suspension training”, shuffling feet on sliding floor circles, doing an abroller, or using any other workout gizmo nobody else working out along uses? I can’t tell you how often I have been working out and seen a personal […]