February 20, 2018

Why Personal Trainers Are Making You FAT

Be careful: Personal trainers will make you fat. Ever see a personal trainer making a client do “suspension training”, shuffling feet on sliding floor circles, doing an abroller, or using any other workout gizmo nobody else working out along uses?

I can’t tell you how often I have been working out and seen a personal trainer working with a client that is 100 pounds plus overweight and has that client lifting the smallest weights and using useless workout gizmos, hanging from cords attached to the ceiling attempting to push ups.

Are you kidding me? Do you really think that is the best way for that person to really shed pounds and get results he or she can be proud of?

These ridiculous exercises will not dramatically alter your body composition. Assuming you don’t have any major injuries, the best workouts that can be done in the least amount of time for the greatest overall body composition benefit are the big, compound exercises like squats and deadlift.

These exercises activate many more different muscles at the same time and help build muscle much more than lifting tiny weights doing isolation exercises to “tone your arms” (your arms will never be tone unless you dramatically reduce your body fat).

Adding muscle helps you burn more fat while resting. The common misconception for overweight people is that they need to lift tiny weights and do lots of cardio to get in shape. This is completely wrong. It is far easier to make rapid changes in the overall makeup of your body by lifting heavy weights and focusing on a healthy diet.

Now I am going to throw in one caveat in favor of using a GOOD personal trainer: Do NOT try to do squats or deadlift or any major lift without first getting training on proper form from someone who knows what they are doing – often the easiest way to find that someone is to hire an in-shape personal trainer, preferably with a lot of experience in training people how to do these major lifts.

Also, regardless of what the personal trainer says, make sure that each time you do one of these exercises, do 1-2 sets of very light weight first of 8-10 reps and really focus on your form. Go slow and make sure you are doing every component of the lift as smoothly and that your body feels good while doing it. This will improve your muscle memory for this lift which is critical when you starting adding weight to the lift because, with enough weight, your form will start deteriorating – your form will at least be deteriorating from something good.

Here are a few videos so you can see exactly what these exercises mentioned are and get an idea of how they should be done:

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